Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Expect Change

expect-changeA big screen dropped out of the ceiling behind Pastor Bob. A cool landscape image like the pastoral rolling hills stock image that comes with your Windows desktop was projected onto the screen behind him. Then slides of his sermon points faded in. I thought it was very cool way to do PowerPoint especially when this sermon is broadcast to so many venues whether it be a satellite church or a mobile phone.

Pastor Bob began to talk about change and changes in churches. It’s funny that a pastor has to explain to the congregation that changes happen. In so many churches across America if the slightest change is made to stage decor, a committee rises up and calls for the pastor’s resignation. “How dare the pastor be so bold as to move the piano two feet across the stage to make room for a potted plant without checking with MEEEE!”

I pray for change in my life; for growth. Of course, I’m not always happy when that prayer is finally answered. God never checks with me before He rolls out the process He uses to change me. It makes me quit asking for change. That’s all I can really do on my end because I don’t have the leverage to fire God when He makes changes I don’t like. I really don’t have the leverage to fire anybody that changes anything in my world. And my complaining and lecturing just empties the room.

When God changes or rearranges my life, I’m learning that it’s a good thing. He’s so wise. But because the agents of that change are other people – some I like and some I don’t – I forget that God is actually in charge and in control. I need to change.

If I’m not changing, I’m rotting.

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