Thursday, November 18, 2010

My wounded pride

I’m backing out of this year’s Disney Marathon. It’ll be the first year since I turned 40 (six years ago) that I’m not running a marathon. I got too far behind in my training this year. I took two weeks off from my usual training regiment to take a team from church to the Middle East for an outreach opportunity and didn’t run the whole time I was on the trip. I just didn’t see running in a country known for packs of wild dogs and terrorist cells as wise. On top of the not running, I ate three times a day like it was my last meal. The meals were excellent but it was a serious carb-fest. Bread, rice, hummus, meat, and more bread. So add at least seven pounds gained to my two weeks of no running in the middle of my marathon training schedule and, you’d probably agree, that weaseling out of the marathon was the smart thing to do. on top of that, I came  home and dealing with jet-lag and loading up on the cooking of the Charming and Beautiful Susan that I missed so much. That is, I missed her as much if not more than her cooking. But since I got home, I’ve been putting away her cooking like it’s my last meal. So the pounds aren’t coming off and the running ain’t getting run. So I won’t be going to see Mickey and Minnie this January. But I joined a gym so maybe that’s something. Maybe I can turn this fat into lean muscle. What’s on your Christmas list?

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