Friday, November 05, 2010

A Day of Rest

image A week has passed already since I annihilated this poor, tasty fish taken from the Red Sea (pictured over my shoulder).

There is nothing like coming home to the Charming and Beautiful Susan. I missed her and Allie so much. But it’s also sad. The ministry was fast paced, effective, and intense. It’s not unusual for a little bit of depression to set in when returning from this kind of trip. It comes with the territory when doing short-term ministry trips.

Jet lag doesn’t help. If possible, the best thing after an intense ministry schedule and long travel itinerary is to listen to your body and get some rest. Returning and embracing the regular work day schedule helps, too.

The temptation is to think that God can only use you when traveling in a field afar, but that is so untrue. So much ministry takes place as I tell the stories of my trip. The story challenges listeners to do something “unsafe” for the Lord. It also sets markers in my mind so I can relive what the Lord has done while I was away. And I’m reminded to pray continually for so many living apart from the Grace of Christ both far away and right next door.

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