Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pastor Mark Driscoll Discusses Humility

This is an insightful video from a man whose notoriety and influence has rocketed into the stratosphere.

Thanks for sending it, Greg.


Joe B said...

Driscoll is the Man, and if I ever were as "big" as him, I would be insufferable (I'm a total nobody, but I have an Achilllean weakness for attention and acclaim.) But, in this Driscoll, Inc vid, I did not hear a man talking about humility. I heard 60% backhanded talk about critics, 30% about the life of a celebrity, 9% about how he has grown so big he can't believe it, and 1% about God's help. Humble people associate with people of low position, learn from them, and submit to them. You'll see Mark hob-nobbing on cam with Dever and MacDonald, but you will never see him on cam learning from the cake-baking lady, of the butt-wiping care-giver, or the soul-winning waitress with poor diction and a missing tooth. You will see many great things from Driscoll, but not humility: It disqualifies you on the issue of humility when you have 5 or 6 people whose sole function is building your brand. Same reaction when I hear Piper or MacDonald or Osteen on the same subject. On the matter of humility, the "experts" are the people who SACRIFICE their brand: humble lives, humbly serving humble people. Nobody fantasizes about being like that. So instead we adore football stars, gangsters, and marquis preachers and we hold them up as examples of humility.

Joe B said...

See? I told you I am not humble!