Friday, September 03, 2010

Francis Chan Explains

Francis Chan has tremendous influence as one of America's new crop of young preachers reaching young Americans. Recently, he announced that he was leaving the comforts and confines of his mega church and launch into a new adventure in faith. He's not exactly sure what that looks like, but he senses the stirring of God's Spirit and the confirmation of scripture. As a spiritual leader, Chan knows he must lead by example. Here's what he told his church:

"My hope is that maybe even as I jump and make this transition, I really believe there are many of you in this room that have felt an uneasiness about your life ... this tension like there's something more the Lord's leading you to," he said. "It's scary to let go ... [but] we're talking about God who's giving us every breath, who loved us so much that he willingly gave His one and only son and now I'm not going to trust Him?" (source)

My friend Greg sent me the following video of Mark Driscoll, Josh Harris, and Francis Chan having a roundtable discussion about Chan's decision. I was immediately struck by how challenged Driscoll appeared to be by Chan's new ministry direction. He (Driscoll) seemed even to be a bit defensive. But Chan articulates and communicates clearly and humbly. Check it out for yourself.

What's Next for Francis Chan? A Conversation with Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris from Ben Peays on Vimeo.

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