Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaving Her Religion

There is a thoughtful interview in Christianity Today with Anne Rice. Ever since she announced that she was leaving the church, she’s had my attention. Rice is a skillful communicator with a huge audience. It’s important that we tune in rather than marginalize, demonize or otherwise tune her out. What follows is my favorite excerpt. --Bryon


Are there any other religious authors you read?

I read theology and biblical scholarship all the time. I love the biblical scholarship of D.A. Carson. I very much love Craig S. Keener. His books on Matthew and John are right here on my desk all the time. I go to Craig Keener for answers because his commentary on Scripture is so thorough. I still read N.T. Wright. I love the Catholic theologian Karl Rahner. I love his writing on Jesus Christ. It's very beautiful to me, and I study a little bit of it every day. Of course, I love Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

You mentioned D.A. Carson, Craig Keener, and N.T. Wright. They are fairly conservative Protestants.

Sometimes the most conservative people are the most biblically and scholastically sound. They have studied Scripture and have studied skeptical scholarship. They make brilliant arguments for the way something in the Bible reads and how it's been interpreted. I don't go to them necessarily to know more about their personal beliefs. It's the brilliance they bring to bear on the text that appeals to me. Of all the people I've read over the years, it's their work that I keep on my desk. They're all non-Catholics, but they're believers, they document their books well, they write well, they're scrupulously honest as scholars, and they don't have a bias. Many of the skeptical non-believer biblical scholars have a terrible bias. To them, Jesus didn't rise from the dead, so there's no point in discussing it. I want someone to approach the text and tell me what it says, how the language worked. --Read the rest of the article here.

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Joe B said...

Thanks Byron, were it not for you I would never have read the article. You have enriched my life yet again!!

Adn by the way, "Mondok" is the coolest last name EV-ver.