Sunday, July 18, 2010

Classic Book Review: Tozer – The Pursuit of God

51-o95ErCOL._SL160_ This week I officially started training for the Disney Marathon. That’s four runs a week; two short; one medium; one long. This sounds like the topic of a different post, so why am I writing about this in a book review? Because it’s during marathon training that I listen extensively to my mp3 player while pounding the pavement. I usually listen to Bible teachers. One year I audited free college courses. This year, I’m going to listen to books.

I posted about the free audiobook of the month a little over a week ago. I downloaded it (free coupon code: JUL2010) and listened to it and loved it.

I read A.W. Tozer’s Pursuit of God years ago and don’t really remember it. But I listened to it over the past week and was struck by how incredibly current it’s observations, evaluations, and exhortations are. The book was published over fifty years ago in a pre-Leave-it-to-Beaver America people look back on with fondness. But Tozer seems to be addressing America in 2010. His prose dates him, but the issues and the exhortations read like today’s Sunday paper.

Download this book and listen to it. It’s free this month. You can also read it free here online. This is a quick read and a quick listen. It would be a good book to read once a year.

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DebG said...

I too am reading this book and savoring every chapter. It's so rich that I have to read it one word at a time! And then I read it again! I also enjoy A.W. Tozer's writings that are in the website

Thanks for sharing!