Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update from Aaron in Jacmel, Haiti

Here's another update from my son down in Haiti.

imageThe team and I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Seguin, which is a little town three and half hours up into the mountains. It was very refreshing to get away from the heat of Jacmel. The temperature up there was in the 70’s in the day and the 50’s in the evening. We spent the night at a clinic where a man named Dr. John works.

Dr. John was a blessing to serve. He spends his days treating patients from the early evening to late afternoon. We had a couple nurses on our team who were able to help Dr. John. The rest of the team cleaned out the clinic, built shelves, painted walls, fixed doors and windows. We left the place looking better than it did when we got there. Mission accomplished.

I was able to spend my time up there chilling and recuperating from being sick. Thanks to everybody who prayed for me. I also went down to a local church there and asked if we could do a movie outreach there Monday evening. Of course the Pastor was more than excited to do that. And so I went into the market and began to invite a bunch of people to watch the movie with us. That night we had a couple hundred people show up, we showed the movie and I did a short gospel presentation, and sixteen people gave their lives to Jesus that night.

Wednesday and Thursday the team worked on an interim structure for a local orphanage. This week has been really good for me. The team here from Calvary Boca has been a huge blessing.

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Mike West said...

Very very cool.

Bryonm said...

Hey, Mike. Thanks for leaving the comment.

We've been praying for you, buddy.

Mike West said...

I'm doing fine. Thanks. You can direct prayers elsewhere now. :)
Prayers for you as well.
Keep looking up proud Poppa....