Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Book Review: Plan B


Plan B
Author: Pete Wilson
Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 2010
Number of pages: 226

image Tweet from Pete Wilson: Hey @crosspoint_tv!!!! We need your help today. Can you take the day off and join us. http://bit.ly/9Qumk6

Another tweet: http://twitvid.com/UYKMM - Part of the boat tour I took this afternoon. This is not normally a river...

More: Thanks to @dinorizzo for all of his help in our flood relief. Love partnering with other churches!! #servolution http://bit.ly/doyQ9y

If you're headed to @crosspoint_tv Bellevue bring hammers, trashbags and brooms. Thanks!!

imageYesterday Plan B, Pete Wilson's first book, was released. It hit shelves in bookstores nationwide while its author Pete Wilson lead pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville was coordinating relief efforts in the wake of the most devastating rains to hit Tennessee in decades.

This is the perfect illustration of the premise of Plan B. What do you do when life doesn't go the we you hoped it would? You watch Plan A get scrapped and you're forced to implement Plan B. That's what happened in Nashville over the weekend and Wilson put his money where his mouth is. He put feet to his faith. His church became a command center and a place for churches across the country to bring relief to friends and neighbors whose lives were just wrecked by a horrific line of storms.


Throughout the book, Wilson tells stories about people who've faced "Plan B" situations and their lives and watched God transform their lives through them. They've watched God transform their unrealistic expectations of him. God gave their relationships and understanding of him a makeover.

Wilson wrote this book to give readers a different perspective.

Wilson does a phenomenal job of drawing the reader into the stories he tells. If the intention was for me to compare my situation to those in the book, Wilson achieved the goal. I constantly asked myself, "What would I do in their shoes?" and "Would I respond with that kind of faith?" The book challenged the way I look at circumstances and my thoughts toward God. My attitude of entitlement was confronted. My lack of gratitude was exposed. I noticed that courage and faith both needed a refill. Plan B motivated me to go to the source of all that is good to start stocking back up.

This week, Wilson and the church he leads will put the principles in this book to work. They'll teach its lessons on Nashville's water logged streets. While they're doing that why don't you make your way to your favorite book seller or website? Have the book delivered to your house to get these lessons up and running in your own life. The book is well worth the read. When you're done, hand it off to a friend and work through the study guide together. It's time for a new attitude.

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Grant Jenkins said...

Great review, man. I agree, the timing of Plan B's release could not be more uncanny and God-timed. What an opportunity to live out the themes in the book right in front of broken and hurting people right now.