Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aaron’s report from the field

image This week was a good week. We had five guys here from Calvary Chapel Spring Valley. Although this has been the smallest group we’ve received since I’ve been here, we accomplished a lot.

We did a bunch of children’s programs using our new program format including a children’s English lesson with shapes and colors, and also a puppet skit that implements the gospel. The puppet skit turned out to be very popular with the kids, so Delpha and I will be putting together a new puppet skit every week as we visit our children’s program locations on a weekly basis.

We did one program up in the mountains about two hours away at a church where we previously built a tarp-roof structure. We carried some benches that we built to the church along a two-mile trail through the mountains. That day was quite an adventure. After program we walked a two-mile trail through the mountains in the pouring rain to get to our truck. Once we got to the truck, the mountain roads were too slippery to get the truck up the hills. So we walked three miles through the mountains to get to the main road where Zamor and Elise picked us up and brought us home.

I have truly been learning the importance of flexibility. With each new team that arrives, a new learning experience arrives as well as I learn to work with and alongside new teams and new personalities.

Please keep this work in prayer.

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