Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the least of these...


This is a little boy I met in an orphanage. He has a mental disability and he weighs not much more than twenty pounds and he is nine years old. --Aaron Mondok

Aaron posted this picture on his Facebook account today. He wrote yesterday in his update to us that he met this little guy and that he planned on seeing as much of his new friend as possible.

Aaron has always had a tender spot in his heart for the marginalized and less fortunate. To be honest with you, I never thought much about those with disabilities until we adopted Allie. She has opened a whole new world to us. I spend time and hang out with disabled kids every chance I get at her school new. Something drastic happened in my life that has brought about a change of heart. But that isn't the case with Aaron. He has always been naturally tender. On the mission field, in urban ministry, or in children's ministry at our local church, he has always both given and lived the gospel around little kids. If a child is the under dog of the group, Aaron makes the kid king of the world.

Pray with us for this little guy. If you look closely at his hand, its deformed because he continually sucks it. That could be due to a combination of under nourishment coupled with his attempt to self-soothe.

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