Friday, February 19, 2010

Tunes Review: Carlos Whittaker EP

I downloaded Carlos Whittaker's three tracks today and looped them through about five times. I love the sound. It has that big stadium kind of sound that works great in live worship. The production is solid, the band tight. You will not be able to get these songs out of your head. Which is good because they are totally edifying.

Here's a tip: if you buy this music for your kids, you must pretend like you just discovered it but hate it. Oh, I hear you. Your kid's think your cool like the little tike pictured with Whittaker. But someday they will turn on you and tell you that Veggie Tales are for babies and that your music is for old people and why doesn't this guy sound like Usher? I digress. Can you tell I've had a teenager or two in the house?

Rain It Down - This song starts off like an Angels and Airwaves track. At least it sounds like that to me. I like it. I love the words. Simple. He doesn't try too hard. You can tell he knows what works.

Jesus Saves - Opens with that signature Edge guitar sound that's so popular in modern worship. I love the riff even though it's not new. Tracks run in the background reminiscent of Toby Mac. It's cool to hear that running behind the Jesus Saves chorus. Like I said, it gets stuck in your head. But that's the idea.

We Will Worship You - I want to say that this song has a haunting vibe, but that might be a little over-dramatic for you. But I have to tell you, that was my first impression and I'm listing to the track again as I write this and that is what I still think. The "hallelujah" chorus in the song is both reverent and hip. I'm definitely looking forward to the April 27 release of his full album.

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Rick said...

I had similar thoughts about Los' EP. I'm hoping to introduce some of these songs to our own worship team. I didn't realize that the full album was coming out Apr 27, but now I've got that date circled!

Bryonm said...

I ran into somebody this morning that downloaded Los' music because of this review.

Carlos said...

Thanks for your review!!!

Bryonm said...

You bet...