Monday, February 15, 2010

A Presidents Day Prayer

Tullian Tchividjian posted this on his blog today.

Pause and pray.

Heavenly Father, it’s President’s Day in our nation—a perfect day for praying for our authorities. As this day begins, my own heart stands convicted about how little I pray with gratitude for our past Presidents, and how very little I pray with faith for our sitting President. Forgive me, and by the power of the gospel, change my grace-less attitude.

It’s been easier for me to live as a cynic about government, especially this government, than to live as a servant of God—really believing that you set up and sit down kings, presidents, premiers and governors at your bidding. In many ways, I’m one of the “foolish men” Peter wrote about in this passage—someone whose “ignorant talk” should be silenced by more gospel sanity. Show me what “doing good” looks like as a dual citizen of the United Sates and the Kingdom of God. Show me how to use my freedom wisely and how I’m to show proper respect to everyone, including our President. You’re not calling me to be passive, but neither are you calling me to be a gospel-less pest.

Father I’m ashamed and humbled to realize that when Peter wrote this letter, Nero, the megalomaniac, was the sitting “president” in Rome. It’s obvious that Peter lived with more faith in the King of Kings than fear of the madman of madmen. Help me to do the same, Father, help me to do the same…

There’s only one everlasting Kingdom… there’s only one King worthy of my unqualified submission and obedience, and that is you, Lord Jesus. You are the “rock-becoming-a-mountain-of-redemption,” which one day will fill the whole earth (Daniel 2). You are the one upon whose shoulders the Father has placed the government of the whole world (Isaiah 9), and of the increase of your government and peace there will be NO end. You are the “ruler of the kings of the earth.” I honor you as my King… I worship you as my Savior… I love you as my Bridegroom.


via: Scotty Smith Blog


Judy McCarty said...

I am so touched by the story I read about your granddaughter/daughter. My husband and I have two grandsons that we would die for. My husband is a Baptist minister in Texas. We feel so blessed to have these precious babies in our life. We would without question do the same thing you did. I wish you the best of God's blessings.

Bryonm said...

Thank you for your kind words. We covet your prayers.