Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not quite in the groove

I ran three miles this morning. It's a windy 50 degrees this morning here in West Palm Beach. Perfect running weather. It was my first run since the marathon I ran a month ago in Orlando on the coldest day in history.

It felt good to be out. It clears my head. It causes me to fall in love with creation and it's Creator.

I thought of a couple of things I read in Revelation recently like the marriage supper of the Lamb and the fact that there will be no more tears in heaven along with the absence of other bad stuff. One thing I'd like to get on the menu of the Lamb's Marriage Supper is this dish I had this week at Miller's Ale House in Boca. And it isn't beer although it's hard to imagine a good place without it. I'm talking about the new seafood macaroni and cheese entree. Whoever came up with that should be elevated to sainthood. And besides tears, if I can go an eon or two without stubbing my toe. That would be awesome.

These are the kinds of thoughts I get when my head clears.

On a practical note, I learned something new about my iPhone. Well, really, I knew it but hadn't experienced it yet. When listening to the iPod feature on the iPhone, when you shake it, the music shuffles. I had forgotten about this feature because I never used it. So I thought something was malfunctioning with this thing I like to think of As the World's Greatest Invention Ever because as I ran (I'm not that smooth), three seconds of a song would play then another one would start and play for about three seconds and so on. But then I remembered I had read about the shake and shuffle feature and figured out I could turn it off in the settings. No charge for that tip.

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