Sunday, January 10, 2010

You got this

Things I never thought I'd hear in Orlando, FL, running a marathon:
1. More cowbell
2. Watch the ice

The water and Poweraide handed out by volunteers was partialy frozen and slushy. The left overs dumped in the road left an ice slick that had to be salted.

David Reback: 4:12:06
Bryon Mondok: 4:35:10
Billy Almaguer: 4:50:16
Chris Tress: 6:14:21

MVP award goes to Chris Tress. His life of ministry totally prohibitted him from fully preparing for the race. But through shear force of will and faith, Tress finished in brutal cold conditions.

The Disney Team Members working the marathon were awesome. They kept the runners upbeat and encouraged. They continually said: "You got this."

We got this.

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luann said...

Congratulations! With that crazy cold weather, you're all ready for the Chicago next October. :)