Monday, November 30, 2009

Über Christ Follower: Jim Sitton

sitton When evil and chaos reach into your life and destroy the innocent and defenseless, you have very little control over your response. What exists inside you at your very core is what the world sees. Your response may be the only indelible mark you leave. If that is the case, the record of Jim Sitton's life will demonstrate unshakeable faith in a living God.

Horrible tragedy brings out of a person the bedrock substance of that person's character. Praise and gratitude flows from Sitton's lips despite the profound tragedy he and his wife Murriel lived through during a Thanksgiving that will never be forgotten. In a few short moments everything they've ever cherished was taken from them as a demoniacally enraged dinner guest strode through the house and executed a mother, two beautiful cousins, and angel-sent-to-earth Makayla, on the one day of the year set aside to enjoy family and name blessings together. Even as Jim endures indescribable grief, he is a spokesperson for hope in Christ.

People question the existence of God; they grapple with the idea that He is good and merciful. They walk away from God because He can't be understood. Skeptics jump through innumerable philosophic and scientific hoops disproving and dismissing God while purposefully overlooking, or worse, ignoring the lives of those really trying to be like Jesus; God's witness of Himself walking in our midst. If one of those doubters took the time to get to know the life of a Jim Sitton, if intellectually honest, he would be a few steps closer to walking with Jesus. That doubter would witness peace that surpasses understanding God.

Jim makes the case for Christ. He is the überest of Über Christ Followers written about on this blog.


Kathy E said...

I totally agree and you put into words what I am thinking Bryon. I hope that everyone remembers to pray for this precious family in the midst of this tragedy.

Lyndsey said...

Perfectly said Bryon. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Without a doubt... the uberest. I am in awe of how he is walking through this tragedy. Makayla would be so proud of her daddy!

Julia said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. And I'm sure Makayla is very proud of both of her parents as she shines her love down on them every day. God bless this family and I thank them for their inspiration to me.