Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From our friend: Gaining Strength from Fellow Travelers

Christine drove over last week and talked with us about Allie and some of the stuff that's transpired around her little life.

On Tuesday, I drove over to the east coast of Florida to interview Bryon and Susan Mondok for Christianity Today. The Mondoks adopted their granddaughter Allie after she was abused by her father and diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. I first came across the Mondok’s story at the Phoenix Preacher blog in 2007 and have followed it ever since.

The primary reason I’ve done so is because the Mondok’s journey through suffering resonates with my own, even though the precipitating factors are entirely different. It was great to talk to fellow travelers, if only because their experience affirms my own responses to tragedy. I’ll save those reflections for CT.

Here I want to say that tragedy changes people, in ways both positive and negative. I wrote about this at Double X: I have infinitely more patience now for some people and issues and infinitely less for others. The Mondoks have gone through a similar transformation.

Her entire post is really worth reading. Christine's faith lends strength to those working through trials.

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