Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pray for my friend Ed

I received this email today from Shepherd's Staff missionary and good friend Ed Compean. Ed is a church planter in Kenya. His church serves the inhabitants of one of the world's largest slums: Kibera.

Check out this prayer request and remember to pray for Ed and for God's will in this situation...

Dear Friends,
Because we are going through a strong trial we are counting it all joy, I even think there is some patience. (James 1:2-3).

We need prayer. Last night armed men in police uniforms beat and bound the guard at Calvary International Fellowship here in Githurai. They then cut the locks on the shipping container we use for storage and cleaned out much of the church’s belongings. Praise God the guard was not harmed more. He had recently used his bow and arrow to fight off some other thugs, but when these these men came with rifles he was compliant. When I arrived early this morning the guard’s  wife was arriving with her infant son strapped to her back. She was coming to find why he had not returned home after dawn. She smiled to see her husband was beaten and dirty, but otherwise okay. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

The thugs stole two water pumps belonging to the workers digging the church’s septic tank, all the church’s chairs, most of the Bibles, all the children’s ministry supplies and a small library of Bible resources. Plus they broke broke our locks.

So I ask for prayer. Please pray thanksgiving that James, the guard, is okay. Please pray thanksgiving for the years God allowed us to use His chairs, Bibles and other resources. Please pray that this allows the sheep to see church for what it is, not about the physical stuff.  Pray for this evening’s Bible study that will be in the dirt. Please pray for repentance among the thieves. Please pray as I work with the police. In the past these sorts of things result in the police rounding up and shooting suspected thugs, so please pray Jesus reigns in all this and that we can minister to all involved.

We know God allows these things for His purposes. He is working out something far greater. May He be glorified.

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