Friday, August 21, 2009

Wes Bentley Update

image Jon Langley posted the following on my previous post about Wes Bentley:

Thanks for posting this prayer request! God has heard and decided to spare Wes. He has just been released from the hospital and is in need of a lot of rest and continued prayer for strength and healing. Thanks again.
Jon Langley, FRM Missionary in East Africa.

And Wes's daughter Jennapher posted the following on her Facebook account:

To my brother's and sister's in Christ: Thank you for your prayers! This morning my Father is actually sitting up and talking. It's been a rough 4 days but my Father was comforted by knowing you were all praying. So Thank You!

Those of you that are familiar with Wes and his ministry, he is serious about laying down his life for the cause of Christ.


InHim4Ever said...

Praising the King of kings for the mercy and healing of His faithful servant, Wes Bentley! Thank you, Lord, for the gift of this man for the growing of Your kingdom! Continue, Lord, your healing and power upon him, bless and comfort him and his family. In Jesus' Name. ~South Bay, CA

Jon Langley said...

Let me just say on behalf of a man who has been a good friend to me, thank you for your prayers.

I just got an email from the office… Wes is out of the hospital and, though still a bit weak, back in the office (in CA). He plans to resume his insane schedule starting with his speaking engagements this coming weekend. It’s a very busy time for him right now so continued prayers for complete healing and renewed strength are much appreciated. Thanks again.