Monday, August 24, 2009

Sent Home Sick

sick It's only Allie's third day of school and she's using her sick days. That's not the kind of work ethic I want to instill in my kids, but what are you gonna do? Once they find out how to exploit sick days, it's a slippery slope.

I'm trying to explain to Allie that if she doesn't use all her sick days, maybe the school will buy them back. We can use the money for a shopping spree at Toys R Us. Or we can roll unused sick days into vacation and take an extended trip like to Paris or Branson, Missouri.

She's not biting. She sees the sick day as part of her compensation package.


Ferguson Six in Kenya said...

Haha! That is awesome!

Kat said...

Oh lordy, you and Susan are SO in my prayers! I've been on the teacher end of this a few times. Not easy for the parents.

luann said...

Are you guys feeling better yet?