Monday, July 20, 2009

Book Review: Not for Sale

image I've been listening to Not for Sale in audio book format on my walk man while I run (listening to audio books or studies is a brilliant way to continue learning while getting in shape).

Listening to this blew my mind. My first instinct about the idea of modern slavery is to stay ignorant. But what do you do once you know? Is there a way to just go back to comfortable, blissful ignorance? It feels unnatural to wish for that.

How does one become an abolitionist in the 21st century? Here's one place you can go to get involved.

The narrative weaves its way around the globe. From Cambodia, Uganda, Russia, Serbia, to the good ol' USA. Slavery exempts no place on this planet from the horrid practice of humans putting humans into bondage for profit. Why shouldn't they? There's big money at stake: $31 billion annually.

There are heroes in this book, though. Ordinary people empowered with nothing but a passion for justice are the champions in Batstone's book. Not governments or militaries; just regular people.

You're a regular people.

Watch the video and then get the book.

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