Friday, June 26, 2009

Vajta Conference Session Ten: Pastor Bill Goodrich

goodrich copyGod gives wisdom freely. We just need to ask Him for it. (A Proverb a day keeps the devil away.)

Seven point decision filter:

  1. The Word of God
  2. Prayer
  3. Seek wise counsel
  4. the peace that rules your heart (Col. 3:15)
  5. Circumstances and timing
  6. Divine revelation (prophecy, word of knowledge)
  7. Waiting in faith; active faith

The Soldiers Promises (John 14)

  • v 12a: we will do the works Jesus did...
  • v 12b: we will do greater works than Jesus did...
  • vv 13&14: whatever is asked in Jesus name He will do...
  • vv 15-27: the Father will give you another Helper (the Holy Spirit)
    a. He is our Comforter
    b. the Spirit dwells in and with you
    c. the Spirit will never leave you
    d. He will manifest Himself to us in times of need
    e. the Holy Spirit is the abiding presence of the Trinity
    f. teaches all things and brings them to remembrance
    g. He gives true peace

1 Chron. 12:8

  • Gadites: Mighty men [and women] of valor.
    We're called to be like Gadites; soldiers for Christ.

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