Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vajta Conference Session Seven: Pastor Pete Nelson

Pastor Pete NelsonPete pastors a church in Colorado.

Nelson just expresses his love for we oddballs in the Body of Christ. He wears his pastor's heart on his sleeve and it's pleasant to observe.

Text: Ephesians 2:10-22.

Being the church is very different from simply doing church. Now there's a thought. 'Cause I'm tired of doing church. It's exhausting. But this is supposed to be commentary on Pete, not my opinion. What're you gonna do?

I'm so glad this guy's here.

Workmanship: poemia; work of art...

The tragedy: were created in God's image, but we're marred by sin. Sin is tragic. But Christ's sacrifice makes something beautiful out of artwork that's been vandalized. He remakes; refashions us like the way only a Master can.

Here's a picture:
Imagine Jesus looking down from the cross and saying: "This relationship is no longer fulfilling to me."

Photo by Dave Groth

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