Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So long...

image Yesterday we said good-bye to THE MOST positive guy I've EVER known. A memorial service was held for Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels. Pastor Dan Plourde officiated. Pastor Dan was Bobby's pastor and obviously had deep affection and tremendous respect for Bobby. Dan made us miss Bobby all the more, but he also lead us in celebration of his life, the lives Bobby touched, and Bobby's ultimate destination: the presence of Jesus.

We took the opportunity to show our love for the family. Pray for Lee, Bobby's beloved wife. Even at the funeral of her husband, Lee was full of poise and encouragement for others.

Pray for the future of Musicianaries, Inc. It was announced by a board member that the ministry will continue. Bobby paved the way for ministry into many countries: Cambodia, Cuba, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa just to name a few. Pray how you might be a part of this continuing effort to reach the world for Christ.

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