Thursday, April 02, 2009

Send it to Rachel...

rachel Dear Precious Friends,

Our family seriously cannot express how thankful we are for all of the emails of condolences and memories of our Precious Bobby!  I promise what each person saw and loved in him is TRULY who he was at home too!  He has left quite the legacy!!!!

We want you to know that we would love to respond to each email personally but at this time, we are not able to.  We have read each and every email though that is sent.  We will continue to add each of your emails to a book we are making.

We would ask that you would pray for our family during this time as we are all still in shock and quite numb.  Our emotions are raw and we know that it will take a while to heal.  The good news is, we know the ultimate Healer and we know that He is still GOOD and He is still God!  Just because Papa is gone, doesn't change ANY of the Lord's characteristics!

As much as Bobby loved the people of this world so well and with such compassion, we know that he is in the presence of our Most Holy Lord and wouldn't change that for anything!

We also ask that you pray for us as we are making arrangements for all of us to get home to Florida and for the arrangements for Bobby's Celebration Service!  Once we know details regarding his Celebration service, we will let you know and be posting them on his website

One other request, Mom would love a copy of any pictures you have of Bobby.  He will FOREVER be the Love of her life, as I know she was FOREVER the Love of his life!  If you would please send those to us at Musicianaries Int'l Inc, PO Box 31868, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33477 USA -- we would greatly appreciate it!

May the Lord touch each of you in a very personal and real way as we all grieve the loss of a man so precious and amazing!


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