Monday, April 06, 2009

First Weekend

image Our first weekend home from the hospital went way more smoothly than we expected. Caring for Allie has not been the post-operative nightmare we thought it was going to be.

Dr. Baynham did say that kids are amazingly resilient after these operations, but we just thought he was painting a rosy picture for us. You know, giving us hope or something crazy like that. To which we rolled our eyes and politely nodded.

But we stand corrected.

Dr. Baynham didn't have to do all the work he set out to do, thankfully. One of the steps he thought he would have to take in the operation was breaking Allie's pelvic bone and reshaping her little hip sockets. After he lengthened her muscles and reshaped her femur bones, everything went right into place. The payoff: a thigh-high instead of waist-high cast. Allie's mobility is much greater making our lives and her recovery much easier.

We attribute these fantastic results to prayers answered and the fantastic skill of our doctor. In that order.


luann said...

When we're in the storm, He rides on the clouds. He is so good.

Bryonm said...

true that

Darlene said...

That's really awesome news.

Strwberry said...

Wow! that is such awesome news! God is so good!!

Vicki Small said...

Good news always makes me smile...and say, "Thank you, Father!"