Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Über Christ Follower: Shaun Sells

image Shaun is the lead pastor at Calvary Chapel Cheyenne. His parents put me up in their home while Pastor Shaun and I worked through Missions Policy and Short-term Mission Team Training for missions ministry at his church.

Wednesday nights, Shaun is leading a very cool Bible study. He calls it Bookin' Through the Bible. He teaches through and entire book in forty-five minutes. He hits the high points of the book. He includes an approximation of how long it takes to read the book as an encouragement to give it a whirl in your personal devotional time.

Shaun has a cool problem at his church. People are popping up everywhere to do ministry. So Pastor Shaun wanted to put a process in place to equip and train his folks to think through and do missions effectively. That's what we worked on while I was there for three days.

Specifically, we worked on writing missions policy. Shaun has a heart for evangelistic and ministry outreach locally, cross-culturally, and internationally. His people dream up ministry organically. They have an incredible passion for reaching the hurting. He can't hold his people back from the work. Some from his church are spending their retirement years pouring their lives out for others. That's how they want to live out the many more productive years of their lives and Shaun established a ministry mechanism to support their missionaries administratively, operationally, and prayerfully. This dude gets it.

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mike macon said...

Agreed; Shaun's the man.