Thursday, March 19, 2009

Please Pray for Bobby Michaels

I just received this prayer request in my email...

image Hello Friends & Prayer Warriors,

Just wanted to let you know that I rec’d a call from Mom this morning.  They are in Cambodia right now along with Jim and Cheryl McCandliss speaking at a Pastor’s Conference.

Before leaving for Asia and Australia for a month, Bobby had been very sick with the flu.  This morning he woke up and said that he was “feeling the best he had in 2 weeks.”  Around noon (Cambodia time) Bobby passed out.  They took him to the local health clinic as there is no hospital in the small town they were in.  After running a few IV’s through him, it was evident that he needed to get to a hospital.  An ambulance brought Mom, Bobby and a Dr. and his wife (who’s a nurse) that were attending the conference to the main hospital in Phnom Penh which was a few hours drive.  Jim and Cheryl met up with my parents at the hospital in Phnom Penh. 

Please be praying as Bobby’s heart is only working at 30%, there is fluid around his heart and there is not much blood flow to his heart.  He has an infection in his cardiac artery.  He has the best cardiologists in Cambodia looking after him right now! J  I asked Jim McCandliss what he thought of the hospital and he said the conditions are very basic but that he was confident in the Dr.’s and nurses abilities.  I honestly don’t care about the conditions, anything is “doable” but what I care about is that the Dr.’s are the very best to take care of my Dad!  The rest of the tour is on hold right now and it looks like they will be in Cambodia for a few more days than scheduled. 

Please pray for wisdom, strength, peace and comfort for all involved.  Mom is doing pretty well, Cheryl McCandliss is one of her closest friends so that is encouraging to me that she is being taken care of by Jim and Cheryl.  Also, feel free to pass on this prayer request as you see fit.

Thanks for your love and friendship,


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Mike West said...

Got them in prayer. Thanks for the update.