Sunday, March 01, 2009

Broadcasting pioneer Paul Harvey dies at age of 90

Rest in Peace...


His fans identified with his plainspoken political commentary, but critics called him an out-of-touch conservative. He was an early supporter of the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy and a longtime backer of the Vietnam War.

Perhaps Harvey's most famous broadcast came in 1970, when he abandoned that stance, announcing his opposition to President Nixon's expansion of the war and urging him to get out completely.

"Mr. President, I love you ... but you're wrong," Harvey said, shocking his faithful listeners and drawing a barrage of letters and phone calls, including one from the White House.

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Broadcasting pioneer Paul Harvey dies at age of 90

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Anonymous said...

I honestly thought the dude was going to go until 100. I heard him a few weeks ago and thought, man, he's 90 and he's still on top of his game. I'm saddened and a little stunned at this. I've listened to him since I was a kid, and at times have tried to work my lunch time around his show whenever possible as an adult.

Paul, we'll see you a few miles down the road.