Friday, February 27, 2009

God Tests

Time Test

By all outward appearances, God does not seem to be fulfilling the word He gave in the past.

  • tries your patience
  • forces you to trust God to fulfill His promises in His own time and way.

Word Test

Your circumstances seem to contradict or nullify the written or living Word of God. Many Christians, especially those who have a heart bent on serving the Lord think that they should never experience darkness or confusion as long as they do not fall into sin.

Motivation Test

This is a heavenly examination that God uses to expose what inner and outer forces influence your decision-making processes. God will arrange situations to reveal your true inner

  • Intentions
  • Thoughts
  • Values
  • Priorities

Servant Test

In the servant test, a man is asked to do menial tasks that seem below his high calling in God. No menial task is below any true servant of God.

Wilderness Test

In the Wilderness Test, God directly or indirectly guides a leader (or future leader) into a materially and/or spiritually dry and desolate place. When no fruit comes from your life or ministry, you are in this test. You are wondering if you really received a call of God on your life because it appears that you are having no direct involvement in the true, living work in the Kingdom of God. You are left with no one who understands, or wants to talk about it, or wants to listen. Only God.

The Usage Test

A leader undergoes the usage test when he cannot find the

  • need
  • demand
  • opportunity
  • invitation
  • results
  • expected occasion to exercise his ministry.

"Put on the shelf” is a common description for this situation.


Anonymous said...

I especially relate to the Usage Test!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Much food for thought here, thanks.