Saturday, February 07, 2009

2009 Race for Faith


I was out at the Race for Faith today at Okeeheelee Park while you were still in your warm bed. I'd love to make this one of my more spiritual blog posts where I draw analogies between racin' and faithin' but neither were very strong in my world today.

I have a stack of excuses as to why my run today was not as strong as the last time I ran this 5k in 2005, but the best one I can offer is that I was still in my thirties. The difference between being in your thirties, even if it's thirty-nine, and aged into your forties (early forties in my case) is huge, psychologically speaking.

But don't tell me to embrace my middle-agedness. Don't even think about it. I can poke fun at my mid-life crisis but you better leave that one alone or I'll hunt you down and beat you with my cane. Unless you're the charming and beautiful Susan.image

Susan dumped out my bag of race day SWAG (Stuff We All Get), and pulled out a flyer for RoadID. She said that at my age (at my age? I'm only TEN months older than her!) anything could happen and she would really like me to order one of these since I never know if I'm going to have a heart attack or get run over by a car while I'm out jogging at dawn's early light.

So guess what I'm getting her for Valentine's Day? Pretty romantic, huh?

Race for Faith

Run time: 24:57
Pace: 8 min/mile
9th in my age division (40-44)

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Unknown said...

Hey, she doesn't want you to die! I'd say that qualifies as practically romantic, if there is such a thing! My old Biology teacher (who was in fantastic shape, by the way) had a heart attack while running (which he did religiously) and died in his early forties. So I think Susan is right! It's better than those Lifecall necklaces from the 90's... "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" Remember those ads?

Bryonm said...

Gee, Jody,
Thanks for the encouragement. Just don't bury me yet :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a hope of getting my husband to wear one, if I were to get it for him. He isn't a runner--having ruined his knees that way, a long time ago--but he's a solo land surveyor. Around here, that often means he's out in the desert, somewhere, without another soul around; or he's taking a shot in the middle of a major intersection and hoping he can live to tell about it. He's had more really close calls, despite wearing a safety vest, carrying a couple of mid-sized, bright orange pyloons, and observing all traffic laws--like, crossing with the lights, in the crosswalk, and hoping some idiot doesn't come racing through to make that left turn before cross traffic starts through. Red light? Oh, I didn't notice!

But there's no way he would wear anything like that. By the way, he often says he wears the safety vest and does all the other stuff, not because he thinks they really offer any protection; he just does it to help my attorney go after the son-of-a-bachelor-father who killed him.

Unknown said...

I know I'm knew to this whole married thing, but I think this is going to get you in trouble.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pedro.....

Love, your wife!!