Monday, January 05, 2009

Brigada Today - Are International Copyrights The Law Or A Request?

This question is being discussed on a missions website. The topic is international copyright law. Many countries in the developing world have not made agreements with the powers that propose and enforce international copyright law...

I have a great friend in North Africa who wrote this past week to ask, "When you read Kings in the Bible do you find yourself cheering for them to do all the right stuff? Does it make you ache each time one does lots of good stuff but then doesn't tear down the 'high places'?

He continued, "I've pondered what the 'high places' are in our day and age... perhaps things accepted by cultures as being okay (but not by God). Do pirated DVDs fit that category? To my knowledge it's impossible to buy an original movie in the country where I live. But does that mean the local ones are illegal? Did all countries really agree to uphold international copyrights? Or is that term really broader than its authority? I'd like to know because I don't want to leave up any high places."

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