Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prayer Update on Haley...

Please keep praying for Haley Compean. Below is an update from her mom, Kelli.

image Dear Friends and Family,

Today we learned the cause of all of Haley’s symptoms and poor health.  It is not Thyroiditis.  The results of her MRI showed a very small pituitary adenoma.  This is 90% accurate so that means there is still a 10% chance it is something else.  What does this mean?  It means she has a very small, non-cancerous brain tumor which makes up 20% of all brain tumors diagnosed.  It is very curable with surgery, done through the sinus passages. 

At this point we have not yet spoken with her doctor so we don’t know how urgent the surgery is, if it can wait, or for how long.  Likely it will mean a return to the states for the surgery to be done there.  We are not considering having any kind of brain surgery here but you never know what will open up. 

Please pray.  We are very optimistic and praise God that if she has to have a brain tumor, this is a good one to have.  In some ways it is all very surreal but we have peace and know that God is going to carry us through this.  Even Haley is more concerned that this will interfere with the coming hockey season and her active senior social life, than the implications of having a brain tumor.  Please pray for continued peace, for good communication with the doctors and for facilitating appointments across continents and oceans so that we are not wasting time or resources.  Please also pray for provision, wisdom and good relationship with our insurance company who has already proven to be kind and quick responding.   Pray also that our family will continue to be at peace with each other and be open and honest with each other.  Praise God and pray thanksgiving for the wisdom of the doctor in ordering what I had thought was a wasteful and expensive test. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to you,

Your servant,


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