Saturday, November 08, 2008

OneApp Looking for Trial Churches | Mission Leader

by Mark Morris on November 8, 2008 is a new online resource for local and global ministry. For a full description see Preview of OneApp.

A number of Great Commission applications are coming together for the kingdom in one place and the developers are looking for a few missional churches who are willing to use these powerful tools and help make it even better for the churches that follow.

Churches who are selected for the beta program will benefit by expanding/extending their volunteer mobilization efforts and enhancing how their people are equipped for local and global missions. Online training offers your church members an opportunity to learn before leaving, keeping their time in the field focused on their project objectives as much as possible. Mission management tools are a blessing to mission staff and and team leaders who manage multiple local and global volunteer teams annually.

The OneApp development team is also looking for international partners to add to the growing field-enhanced database on global ministries.

If you think your church might be in a position to commit time and energy into being one of the first to utilize this powerful tool, please complete the following online survey.

To remain informed about OnApp’s development, register your email at

For more information contact the development team by email at

OneApp is powered by, an independent not-for-profit software platform designed to get the job done.

OneApp Looking for Trial Churches | Mission Leader

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