Saturday, November 22, 2008

Calvary International Fellowship: Prayer Update


The Compean Family have become very close friends of mine over the years. Ed and I served in South Sudan together and at the Shepherd's Staff Missionary Training School in Mexico. Haley is special to me because she thinks its cool that I was in the Marines. At least she did when she was middle school aged. She wore the USMC sweat shirt I gave her proudly.

Her family now serves as missionaries in Kenya. And Haley is having some medical challenges. Would you join me in praying for her?

Dear Friends,

Please be in prayer for Haley. We thought we had come to the end of doctors visits, but in the last week her symptoms have gotten much worse. The endocrinologist is not ready to diagnose her with thyroid problems yet, though that seems to be were everything is pointing. He wants to rule out all other possibilities, and we appreciate the his looking at other possibilities,  but when he suggested a MRI we realized how serious this can be. Please pray that God would touch Haley.

Please pray as we continue with the building project. The landlord that Calvary International Fellowship currently rents from has begun tearing down the church building leaving the place in shambles. Please pray as the building begins the warfare is heating up. Please pray as we do our best to get out of the current building an onto our own property. Please pray for safety and security as the church works on building a meeting hall. We believe God is directing us to get the children’s ministry building foundation poured and a roof up to begin meeting in. God willing we should be able to do that by January or soon after. As we meet in that hall we’ll move begin the main sanctuary.


Calvary International Fellowship: Prayer Update

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