Sunday, October 05, 2008

On the Swing

IMG_0396 It's been a little while since Allie has been up to the park. She's bigger and fits in the swing differently now. She's also more limber than she used to be.

Look at how she hangs on to the bars. I have to fit her hands to the metal, but once she has a grip, she hangs on tightly.

IMG_0407 Here, Allie is starting to lean back. She loves to throw her head back as she swings and go for that upside-down feeling. What a character. She lacks control of her body, but she loves to push it to the edges of exhilaration. She's a true thrill seeker.

IMG_0416 This is what she's going for. As she swings all the way forward, it must feel like she's getting ready to flip over backwards. But as soon as it feels like she might, she swings back down the other way.

You know the feeling.

Do you ever miss it?

Here's some video:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the videos. They show her personality so much more than the still shots.
And yes, I do miss that feeling!