Thursday, September 25, 2008

Downtown Walk Two

IMG_0372 Allie is so at home in this stroller. The charming and beautiful Susan and I were thinking back at how hard it used to be to go out with Allie. A year ago, we couldn't walk more than three blocks or so before Allie would have a meltdown in her stroller. It was so frustrating. I felt chained to our apartment. It got me so angry. And then I'd feel guilty about feeling worse about my situation than what this poor child must be going through to cause her to cry so bad and so often.

Here in this picture, Allie is so at ease. See her little tongue sticking out. She's making a "clucking" sound. That sound means: "my world is wonderful and I'm soooo glad my Pop-pop is here even though he won't get out of my face with that camera".

Here's video of that. And again, the charming and beautiful Susan didn't know that I was digitizing all of her actions.


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