Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Book Review: Matthew for Everyone Part One


Book title: Matthew for Everyone Part One
Author: N.T. Wright
Publishing information (place, publisher, year): Great Britain, John Knox Press, 2004
Number of pages: 205 pages

N.T. (Tom) Wright is one the world’s foremost New Testament scholars. Wright has taken C.S. Lewis’s seat at the table. I’ve not read anyone that can relate difficult biblical concepts better than Wright. Lewis is actually lucky Wright was not his contemporary. He might not have had a job beyond writing books for kids

Matthew for Everyone Part One is Wright’s commentary on the first fifteen chapters of Matthew’s Gospel. The Genealogy of Jesus through The Feeding of the Four Thousand is the ground he covers.

Wright is a Greek scholar and Bible interpreter. He gives his translation of the text in very accessible language and terms which, of course, was the intention of the Gospel’s authors; to reach common people with the message of Jesus.

Wright has taken the time to examine the historical context of the text. He is able to bring out nuances, political implications, and present day application often glossed over in our church culture of sin management. We often get so bogged down in avoiding sin, the way the Pharisees tried to (and failed) that we often miss the point. Wright brilliantly brings the message home.

If you are looking for a fresh perspective in New Testament Bible Study, check Tom Wright’s For Everyone Commentary Series. The charming and beautiful Susan and I have signed up for it. In fact, two more books just arrived in the mail today.

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Anonymous said...

Well....technically C.S.Lewis would still have had a job beyond writing Children's books even if Wright had been around.

He did have that "little gig" as a Don of Oxford ya know ;-)