Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 NW Calvary Chapel Pastors' Conference: Chuck Smith

Pastor_Chuck_Smith_2.71144624_stdPastor Chuck kicked off the pastors' conference with an exhortation to be true to the Word of God.

As Paul was a mentor to Timothy and Titus, Pastor Chuck addressed the men he mentored in ministry.

"Do not compromise the Word of God," said Smith. Pastor Chuck does not come out and try to wow conference attendees around the country with something new. He has not wavered from his original mission.

When so many in ministry are looking for ways to meet "felt needs," Pastor Chuck exhorted the guys to not look for ways to scratch people where they itch. That ends up doing more damage than good.

The church is called to have a preserving effect on our communities the way salt was used in ancient times as a preservative, killing surface bacteria. When the teaching of God's Word is watered down, the church loses it's preserving effect on society. Chuck said that Europe and England are living in a "post-Christian" era as a result of this kind of compromise with modernistic and liberal philosophies. He fears the United States is heading down the same road.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the U.S. is heading down the same road; I would suggest that its name is Post-Modernism. With some church "leaders" deciding that Jesus will no longer be called "Lord," God will no longer be referred to as "Father," and other such evidences of "enlightenment," too many in the U.S. are already in grave danger of sliding down that giant razor blade into the giant vat of iodine.

How far we humans can go by making just little compromises, small adjustments here and there, until we wake up, one day, and we're nowhere near the path we once followed.

Anonymous said...

Bryon, that was a great summary of CS's message. The guys at CF, go to great lengths to secure that live video feed. I think a pre-recorded message would suffice. (IMHO)