Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stuff Christians Like: #374. "<><" - Christian Emoticons

I thought this was, um, kinda fun...

This means, "I stayed in bed this morning and accidentally missed church. Please don't judge me if we see each other at a restaurant on Sunday afternoon and I am clearly wearing clothes that indicate I did not go." (Also known as "bedside Baptist.")

This means, "Our church had to install speed bumps in the parking lot because despite what the sermon said, I will run you over if you get in my way when I am trying to leave church.

This means, "I am a Christian with a halo and a unibrow. I wear both proudly."

This means, "I drink coffee during church! Lots of coffee!"

This means, "Our small church is becoming a megachurch."

This means, "You will see lots of people singing with their hands raised at our church." & This means, "I am a bald worship leader."

\_ \_ \_
This means, "Our new church building has movie-theater style seats."

This means, "We handle snakes at our church during service."

o o o o o o o
This means, "I am not afraid to throw Skittles in order to wake up a crowd of people."

This means, "I tip with tracts instead of money at restaurants." (Shame on you.)

[ --> <-- }
This means, "I can't clap on rhythm during worship songs. When I try to bring my hands together, it's like one hand is thinking one thing and the other is thinking something completely different."

Stuff Christians Like: #374. "<><" - Christian Emoticons

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