Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Church and Politics Quiz

Out of Ur had a link to this little quiz. Lately, as I've expressed opinions about my willingness to listen to and evaluate the guy on the the non-red side of the aisle, I've taken some heat. But I really feel like, before the Lord, we need to totally evaluate both men.

Hey, twenty years ago when I got saved and was taught to pray for the government, I didn't just start praying for Reagan's Republican's, I prayed for Democrats, too. O prayed hoping God would start moving in the Democratic Party. I don't know what you guys think that should look like, but I think He's at work.

Anyway, take the quiz. There are some instructions to follow. There's two quick quizes. One evaluates your opinion of how engaged the church should be in politics and the other evaluates your opinion about whether he church should act as prophet or chaplain.

Let me now how you scored.

My score:
part one: 34
part two: 27

Quiet critic. But I'm not usually so quiet. Definitely a critic.

HT: Out of Ur


Anonymous said...

I scored the opposite, 27 on part 1 and 34 on part 2.


Bryonm said...


If I read the score correctly, you're a quiet critic, too, only a little less quiet than me...

The charming and beautiful Susan scored 27 on part 1 and 37 on part 2 making her a private patriot...