Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Kiss Dis

allie-kiss-1 Here's Allie finally giving up on playing hard-to-get letting the charming and Susan in close for a kiss.

allie-kiss-2 Here's Allie ecstatic after springing her little trap on the unsuspecting charming and beautiful Susan. She almost bit her lips off.

Allie exudes personality. She may have special needs and may even be a little slow to respond. But she is definitely not slow of mind. She doesn't miss a thing.

On Wednesday we'll be in family court with Allie down in San Francisco. A judge will bring the adoption process to a close. Allie will be our third child.

check out this Kiss Dis, too.


Lyndsey said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad Allie is going to have the most loving mommy and daddy she could ever ask for!

Unknown said...

I am sure there will be much rejoicing in that man van on the way home!!! That is one blessed little girl and I know you feel like YOU GUYS are the blessed ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your pictures make so clear that Allie is Little Miss Personality! I just love that little girl, even if I never see her this side of heaven!

As for the "Missed Kiss Dis," I'm with Susan!

Mike West said...

Congratulations! Gotcha in prayer.

Lynn(e) said...

Yay on the adoption! Will be in prayer on Wednesday for all of you!