Sunday, July 20, 2008

What do Californians think about Gay Marriage?

gay-mariage-stats I cut this graph out of Friday's San Francisco Chronicle. Most of the U.S. has written California voters off as too liberal, but these stats tell a different story. The Californians sampled for this poll are against same-sex marriage.

Here is what I took note of:

  • The Bay Area (which contains the city and county of San Francisco) is the region of the state most opposed to gay marriage.
  • Females are most opposed to gay marriage.
  • Young voters are not the most opposed group, but they follow closely behind their parents' group.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite.

I appreciate the attitude and practice of our lead pastor: He wants to love people to Jesus, and to do that, he welcomes anybody and everybody to our church--and, of course, we corporately take the same position. He told me, this week, tho', that he has advised any gay attenders that express a desire to continue there that 1) they are always welcome to attend and be a part of our fellowship; and 2) if they try to get something started, he will have another conversation with them.

I don't think he would appreciate any anti-gay marriage activism any more than pro-.

All of that said, I oppose gay marriage. I especially oppose any fundamental change that results from judicial activism. That is not the way laws are supposed to be made, in this country.

I do think it's interesting that the Bay area is so strongly anti-gay marriage.

Bryonm said...

thanks for your comments, Rod.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mondok, you have the poll results backwards. It represents the percentage of voters that would vote for a constitutional amendment to BAN gay marriage. Hopefully this is an honest mistake and not an attempt to fool your gullible parishioners.

Bryonm said...

anonymous: thank you for pointing that out. it was an honest mistake that I'll correct.

I always mange to read those propositions backwards. thanks.

Bryonm said...

see retraction:

Anonymous said...

Let me pose this idea: Does it really matter? Is this institution really as "sacred" as we Christians like to think? The rates for divorce and infidelity are ridiculous, we have game shows with heterosexuals finding mates by doing stupid physical or mental challenges. What exactly are we protecting? To be honest, I think the percentage of homesexuals is realistically between 3-4% of the population and not the 10% the gay lobby would advocate. Now most gays are pretty promiscious and chances are the amount of marriages that would actually occur would be nominal. I just think it's better to reach out to these people as hurt, lost souls rather than stress about the marriage or union issue.

-Tony Taylor