Friday, July 18, 2008

Is it Human?

When I worked in South Sudan, little children were confused and scared. Big kids taunt little kids by pushing them toward me.

Is it human?

Why doesn't have hair on its head?

Does that white come off its skin?

Is it white all over?

Why are it's arms so hairy?

Does it eat humans?

My buddy, Ed, over in Kenya has similar experiences...

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These are some images from Kamiti Corner, a community of coffee field workers that Calvary International Fellowship has a Bible study in. What can I say; my arms are hairy and it amazes the kids. They like to touch them. Sometimes I tell them I am a white gorilla.

July 08 116

Hairy arms on bald white guys are cool, but this is actually what it is all about. We are blessed to see guys from the church step up and teach God's word! We are blessed to see communities of believers join together around God's word.

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