Friday, June 27, 2008

Missionary Scribbler Weekly Round-up

logo Last week I launched this new missions blog. I don't have much traffic to it yet and I'm still in the process of developing the site, but each week I'm going to list the past week's posts in order to raise awareness.

  • Plan B is talks about having a back-up plan when planning a short-term missions trip.
  • Relief work being done in the mid-west by Safe Harbor.
  • Persecution being suffered by Messianic Jews in Israel.
  • Shaun King pointed out this post about Plumpy Nut over on his blog and I re-posted it.
  • GFA's work in Myanmar.
  • World Vision's involvement with marathons.
  • This MNN article about college kids sacrificing their summer vacations and serving in inner cities with urban ministries.
  • CCJ's mission trip to Costa Rica.
  • Bobby Michaels mission trip to Cambodia.
  • And I posted the first article in a new series called Über Mentors.

If you like news, stories and other things missions, keep checking back and link your blog to Missionary Scribbler and I'll return the favor.

And email me at info@missionaryscribbler if you have a story about a recent mission trip you took or have a something that people need to know about your favorite missionary.

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