Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Douglass Family June 2008 Missionary Update

I clipped the following from Rob and Heidi Douglass' newsletter. They're serving down in Sri Lanka with Saving Grace World Missions establishing a Bible College.

Recently the American Embassy sponsored a BBQ and invited the American community to come out and meet each other. The hot dogs, potato salad and brownies were a taste of home! We sat down at a table with a young couple who were going to be in Sri Lanka for only three months. They were teaching English in a remote area and were glad to make the drive to the city to be with other Americans for the day. They asked us what we were doing in the country and that opened us up into an hour and a half conversation about the Lord. The young woman was from Morocco. She had been brought up Muslim and her father was an Imam (a Muslim spiritual leader). They asked how I had become a Christian. As I shared about my mothers influence upon me when I was a small boy, the girl kicked her boyfriend under the table. Clearly, he must have a praying mother back in the States as well! They kept asking questions, such as- "Why cant we just take the best parts of all the religions and put it all together?" We had an amazing conversation and I think I gave them one of the clearest Gospel presentations I had ever given. I really sensed God's Presence leading our conversation. Please keep this young couple in prayer- that the seeds of Truth they heard would take root in their hearts and they would come to salvation.

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Phillip Santillan said...

What a great testimony. Thanks for sharing, and I'll be praying.