Monday, May 19, 2008

Going for a Walk

stroller Here's Allie being prepped for a walk down town. Down town is about eight blocks away. Notice how the funky pink camouflage design of the stroller clashes with the plaid print of the hat. The blind never have much to say about the fashions their caretakers and handlers dress them in. Case in point: Stevie Wonder. Can you imagine the phone calls that guy must get from friends and family members after an awards night televised world-wide?

"Stevie. Who ever dressed you the other night for the music awards needs to be unemployed."

"Stevie. Who put those God-awful sunglasses on yo' face?"

"Stevie. Did you feel something hit you in the face? Those were beads braided into yo' hair like you was Bo Derek. You need to fire somebody."

I digress.

Allie and I were off to the used book store and then Starbucks, her favorite place for brownies. Starbucks is 4 tenths of a mile from my house. Add the book store to the loop and we have a little over a mile walk round trip.

She loves her cheapo umbrella stroller. She feels the texture of the sidewalk and the street. The sidewalks here in Eureka are at least 50 years old made of concrete and rock. Downtown in Old Town, the side walks are cobblestone. Allie kicks her feet, tries to look back at me, and we call out to each other yelling "AAAAAH!" back and forth. Moments like these make me so incredibly happy and thankful. Our hard times are minimized down to microscopic proportions. I'm so glad to I've been given a new perspective.


Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful she is able to enjoy some things--and that the two of you do things you both enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Deacon & Usher were here