Saturday, May 10, 2008

Continued Progress

Allie continues to make progress. For several months, her progress was minuscule, almost unnoticeable. But lately, every time she goes to therapy she dos something new. Monday, she rolled over. Yesterday, she made eight purposeful strikes on a little piano with her right hand from a sitting position. She knew what she wanted to do and she was visibly happy with the pay off.

Rena, Alli's occupational therapist was so pleased. She was very frank. She let me know that when she first met Allie, her expectations for significant progress was not that high. Allie has exceeded expectations by far. Shoulder movement is still limited, but Allie is working against gravity with her movements which will continue to improve. Th muscles around her ribs need to loosen up some more.

The biggest hurdle Allie faces is the brain damage. But it is evident that she comprehends much more than she is able to communicate or make happen with her body. But this is good for now. It seems that the brain activity for necessary movement is present. So continue to pray for Alli as her rehabilitation progresses.


Anonymous said...

Allie must be one determined little girl. Please, Jesus, continue to strengthen Allie in mind, body and spirit. Loosen those muscles that need to relax and give this precious child Your full power to heal, to Your praise and Your glory, forever.

Anonymous said...

praise the Lord, I love God's timing. just when we get comfortable, on well this is how it is probably going to be. He demonstrates hope so we may be encouaged to continue to believe and trust that He is doing things behind the scenes for His plan and purpose. I love knowing our God is big and is involved in every detail of our lives and he acts in love at all times. thank you for keeping us updated on allie and what you all struggle with or just your every day life stuff. i don't write much but i do read your blog and pray for you guys everyday and it is awesome to see what God does and does not do. we miss you and susan and what is going on with the adoption is that close.