Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Official Start of Marathon Training

I started my training schedule on Saturday. Four miles to start. Four miles is where a 26.2 mile marathon begins. This is how the schedule will go: Saturday: long run; Sunday: rest; Monday: cross train (which half the time I take off); Tuesday: short run; Wednesday: long run (but not as long as Saturday); Thursday: short run; Friday: rest.

This Saturday went like this:
run time: 37:07
run distance: 4 miles
avg. pace: 9:17/mile
best pace: 7:19/mile
529 calories

run time: 27:47
run distance: 3:00 mils
avg. pace: 9:15/mile
best pace: 6:49/mile
395 calories

I'd like to get my pace under nine minutes a mile. But with the hills and all, I'm not totally disappointed in the pace I'm running. A month ago, I was averaging ten minutes a mile on this three mile run and since then, I've added another hill to the course. So, not bad.

Running Tips from CompleteRunning.com
Tip Three: Ladies, do not skimp on a bra. Even if it costs more than your shoes it’s still a bargain.

I wish someone would invent something for men in the same region. When I run more than ten miles, my shirt rubs my nipples raw and they bleed begging the question: "Why do men have nipples?"


Anonymous said...

Please, bryon. I'm trying to enjoy a snickers bar and now I feel like throwing up.

Kat said...

Bryon, try putting band aids over them next time. No really! See if it works! It's a trick models use to cover up their nipples so they won't show during a photo shoot. Bet it would work for running as well.

Luann I'm rolling...you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

is this Andy Bernard's blog?

Bryonm said...

that's "drew"