Thursday, April 24, 2008

Already Slackin'

I started my marathon training just a week ago, and I'm already missing days. I'm going to have to punish myself. I ran Saturday, but missed Monday cross training and my Tuesday three mile run. But I did do five yesterday and three today.

Yesterday's stats:
run time: 27:16
run dist.: 3 miles
avg. pace: 9:05/mile
best pace: 7:13/mile
calories: 359

Today's stats:
run time: 46:45
run dist.: 5.06 miles
avg. pace: 9:15/mile
calories: 646

Running Tips from
Tip Four: Buy running clothes you look good in and that will motivate you to run...

Um... this may be the lamest tip I've ever read. Take it from me: your shoes look cool when you first buy them, but as soon as you get them home, you see an add or your hip, little brother shows up at your door with something ten times cooler on his feet.

Running is not a fashion sport. You need to find stuff that works. If you like how it looks, consider that a bonus. I know everyone is into accessories and looking cool, but if keeping up with trends is what keeps you on the road, then you should find something else to do like mall walking or water ballet.

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Charity is a Verb said...

i started working out/stretching. also i started massaging again too. went to a bible study recently as well.